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Chris Feulner at ActiVan Conversions Shares his Excitement About Becoming a PopRak Distributor

"We just joined the PopRak family and we’re so excited to start using their sleeping solutions. It’s definitely the best on the market! "

Chris Feulner, Managing Partner 
at ActiVan Conversions

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Expand Your Van & Increase Versatility

The World’s Safest, Most Versatile, Rooftop Sleeper Solution For Your Van

The World’s Safest, Most Versatile, Rooftop Sleeper Solution For Your Van

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4” Multi-layer foam comfort system

Top of the line sleep comfort systems in a “queen” sized mattress — a top proprietary anti-condensation protection layer.

Easy Access with PopNet™ hand grab assist webbinG

Facilitates both ingress and egress when parties of all ages are transitioning through the vehicle roofline.

Overhead Storage Systems

Flexible storage nets on the ceiling provides additional storage. Over 5 cubic feet of space is preserved above the mattress when PopRak is closed, allowing for storage of bedding & other personal items.

Automotive style safety latching systems

More sophisticated than competitors “camp style” latches and catches. Can also incorporate optional driver notification systems.

Convenient Interior Power & Lighting Controls

Easy access to lighting controls and power for accessories while you relax in your rooftop roost.

Industrial Grade 4-Bar Lift Linkage

Safely lifts and securely supports weight of top and gear in wind and weather. Easy for one person to open or close with familiar and simple procedure.

Proprietary Pinch Free Closing System

Protects fabric sidewalls from being damaged and ensures ease of operation for first time users.

Optional portal accessories

Optional Portal Accessories Includes: Sunroof, Vent Fan, 12V A/C


Product Specifications




150 – 250 lbs


500 lbs

Interior SIZE

29” W x 17” D


Clear & Privacy  

Side Window

Mesh & Privacy


Vehicle Fitment Guide

Ford Transit 2015 - 2023:

All Wheelbase/Lengths & Roof Heights

Mercedes-Benz / Freightliner Sprinter 2016 - 2023:

All Wheelbase/Lengths & Roof Heights

Ram ProMaster - Coming Soon!

Proprietary Portal System™